The Roast Of Ann Coulter( and maybe Rob Lowe)

Who is Ann Coulter? You may know her from her latest book “In Trump We Trust” or something like that. I haven’t read it but I believe it’s a disaster. Anything with Trump in it is a disaster and that’s all you need to know about Ann Coulter. Now that you know who she is, let’s get to the matter at hand, The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe. It was supposed to be fun and it was until Ann Coulter’s face happened. If it wasn’t for the audio I would have sworn the video had frozen when David Spade introduced her.

I forgot to take my meds

That look was on her face throughout the roast and make no mistake, that isn’t a smile, that’s the face of person with dementia. She laughed at absolutely zero jokes which if I might add were exceedingly hilarious. Even non-comics like Jewel were funny. Of course, someone wrote the jokes for most of the people on the dais but that’s hardly the point now, is it? In fact Ann Coulter turned down the jokes written for her and decided to wing it. I mean what’s the worst that could happen, right?

This could happen. This is the worst that could happen.

This could happen. This is the worst that could happen.

Here is the thing, Ann Coulter is basically a pair of wet socks and that’s on a good day. She shamelessly went onstage and attempted to publicize her Donald Trump book to which the crowd booed accordingly. The same crowd that laughed when Jimmy Carr joked about Pete Davidson’s father who died on 9/11 and I quote, “… this is not the roast of Pete Davidson’s father, that was in 2001…” If a crowd doesn’t boo to that but boo you when you try to promote your book, you’re doing life wrong.

It got so bad for Ann that when she got onstage, she started with, “Thank you and I want to welcome everyone to the Ann Coulter roast with Rob Lowe”. She was the joke of the show and she knew it but refused to accept it. The roast was a joke, Rob Lowe was the setup and Ann Coulter was the punch line. Problem is she doesn’t know how to laugh at herself which is what roasts are all about. Roasters are open minded fellows and open mindedness and Ann Coulter is a mix that will never happen. Her routine got so bad after that the audience basically went to sleep. The screenshots below say it all…


why is grandma on stage?


Quick, somebody take her back to the asylum


Where is her leash? Somebody get the leash!

She bombed so hard that the US wants to drop her on ISIS territory.

She bombed so hard that the ISIS sleeper cells in the US are now buying all her books.

She bombed so hard that North Korea wants to recruit her into their missile program.

She bombed so hard…. Haha ok enough with that… No point in eviscerating her further. She got more vitriol directed at her than Rob Lowe. And this is the same Rob who slept with a 16 year old early on in his career. And people hated her more than they loathed Rob. Speaks volumes.

Ok one last zinger to put this matter to rest: