I would like to add ‘writer’ to the list of my prefixes but I don’t think it would blend in with my other prefixes which include ‘idiot, asshat, pain-in-a-certain-body-part’ among other immensely endearing titles. I’ll instead add ‘dude with a blog’ to the aforementioned prefixes, close my eyes and hope for the best.

When I’m not lazy being the dude with the blog, I’m busy dissecting the innards of WordPress. So you can shoot any WordPress related stuff in my general direction (which is at my moms’ basement – yes I have two moms, deal). I also write stuff for other people and let them brag that they did. Some pay me with real money (most of the time) while others simply promise to rub their genitals with mine (it almost never happens). Don’t do that to me.

You can stalk me via smoke signals, my Twitter, my Facebook, or Email. I don’t expect you to be contacting me any time soon. But you know what they say about expectations? No? Me neither.